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Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics welcomes you to our dental family! We are a specialized dental practice offering pediatric care for children starting at one year of age, as well as orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and North Phoenix, Arizona. For years, our team has been providing our patients with quality care and exceptional service, ensuring our patients a lifetime of dental health.

Dr. Cece

Welcome Dr. Cece!

Let's all give a big welcome to Dr. Cece! Dr. Cece comes to us from Pembroke Pines, Florida. She's a University of Florida grad and you can read more about her on her bio on the pediatric team page.


Our board-certified doctors are leaders in their fields who serve as Presidents, Council Members, Chairmen, and consultants to some of the most respected dental and orthodontic organizations in the country. Utilizing the latest orthodontic technology, our APDO team offers the best pediatric dentistry and orthodontic treatment in the Scottsdale and North Phoenix communities.

But really, what sets us apart is our compassion. We are truly dedicated to ensuring a beautiful, healthy, and lifelong smile for each and every patient, and we will go the extra mile to help them achieve it. At APDO, we think of our patients like family, and we take care of them as if they were one of our own.

Furthermore, we are committed to serving the community we’ve been a part of for over 30 years, which is why we volunteer on the boards of various non-profits and participate in charity events like the Mission of Mercy.

Affiliated Peds and Ortho Patient Fi


We ensure the most effective and convenient treatment possible by using the latest in cutting edge technology, including SureSmile Digital orthodontics, ICON resin-infiltration, iTero Invisalign scanning and soft tissue laser treatment.


  • I have two kids seeing Dr. Goldstein for orthodontic work. I really never leave reviews for anything, but felt compelled to for this office. Dr. Goldstein and staff are nothing short of amazing. They have excellent patient care, are good with both kids and parents and are exceptionally knowledgeable and competent in this field. As a parent, I appreciate Dr. Goldstein's conservative approach to my children's teeth. I feel he is doing what is right for my children as opposed to what will make the most money for the office (as is the case at many different orthodontists around town that my friends see, yes moms do compare notes). It is [a] wonderful relief to have this kind of well-earned trust in someone who is caring for your children. From a child's perspective, my 10 year old actually LIKES ortho visits because of Dr. Goldstein's easy going and fun manner.

    - Meg S.

  • Dr. Julie started seeing our boys at the age of two. The entire staff was very kind and patient with our oldest and made both of us feel comfortable with his experience. Our youngest son has multiple medical issues and deals with anxiety which made his dental experience a trying one to say the least. Once again, the staff and Dr. Julie did whatever it took to make our son feel comfortable coming to the dentist. It took quite a while and sometimes a quiet room, his special calming music and a lot of compassion on the staff's part, but now our son has endured tooth extractions multiple times and enjoys coming to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned. The entire staff has always been caring and courteous and they have provided our family with exceptional treatment.

    - Karen L.

  • We've lived in the Valley for 12 years and, even though I know dozens of people who rave about APDO, today was my first visit with my 12 year old for an ortho consult. After today, I just wish I had started coming here 12 years ago! This is the calmest, friendliest dental office I have ever been in. Everyone we interacted with on the staff was knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful, and thorough. Dr. Feinberg was extremely knowledgeable and took his time really making sure we understood his suggested ortho treatment/course of action. The staff is terrific at putting kids and parents at ease. (They even managed to get my reticent, normally mute in front of adults, pre-teen to smile and talk!) My kids liked coming to the office so much (there is a "reading loft" that totally seduced my 8 year old daughter), it was actually hard to get them to leave when the appointment ended.

    - Karen L.

  • Dr. Tim and his staff are top-notch experts at dentistry AND at dealing with pediatric dental patients. I was nervous about my son having two teeth extracted (for orthodontic reasons) today, but kept that to myself, and Dr. Tim and staff made it fast, easy, and maybe even a little fun...? His dad told my son he was "a tough hombre" afterward, and my son was genuinely puzzled because no toughness was required during that exquisitely performed procedure. Best of the best!

    - Krista W.

  • By far the most amazing dental experiences I could ever wish for my children! The office is so fun and inviting [that] it puts the entire family at ease. The staff is top-notch; kind and just wonderful with the kids. We saw Dr. Danielle, and she really understands how to treat children. She cheerfully engages with my kids, makes them feel so special and takes great care of their teeth too! My kids love going to the dentist!

    - Kathy H.

  • I was referred to Dr. Masserman and his team by my regular dentist because as an adult, with two complete sets of braces in my past, my bottom teeth started shifting again! Thank goodness I came to Dr. Masserman in time before I had to do it a third time! He assured me that this was very normal, and I could go with a retainer at night that would help stop the teeth from moving but also protect my teeth from clenching and protect my jaw. The retainer fits perfectly, and I have no issues with it at all. I am so impressed with him; he has boundless energy, is super positive, highly intelligent and is amazing with his patients. His entire team is just as amazing and the energy in the office is upbeat and fun. They are on time, organized and really work as a team with the utmost in patient care and customer service. I highly recommend Dr. Masserman for any orthodontia related issues. You will be in good hands!

    - Karen H.

  • All four of my kids have been Dr. Itty’s patients for years. He is consistently thoughtful in his approach and provides practical alternatives for treatment. Beyond his technical skill, Dr. Itty is kind, engaging, and patient. The kids love him too. As a lawyer that has represented medical professionals for many years, I’ve seen a spectrum of talent — both technical and soft skills. Dr. Itty stands out. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.

    - Troy F.


No Insurance? High Deductible? Ask us About APDO’s Exclusive Membership!

With so many changes to healthcare it can be difficult to navigate the world of dental insurance. That is why we at APDO designed our exclusive membership with your family in mind.

Membership starts as low as $35 a month and includes: cleanings, exams, fluoride, x-rays, and discounted dental services (including cosmetic dentistry and whitening)!

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